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Sales promotion conditions

I. General 

  1. These conditions are applicable to the Win-sales-promotion ‘I wear Vingino’ (subsequently called: the “Promotion”) of More B.V. (subsequently called More). Vingino is a registered trademark.
  1. This Promotion runs from 16 October 2016 up to and including 31 December 2016.
  1. More reserves itself the right to terminate the Promotion at all times without specifying its motives, or to modify the conditions of the Promotion during this period. A modified version of the sales promotion conditions will be published on the website, with specification of date.
  1. Contestants are only eligible to win a Vingino outfit if their picture is chosen.
  1. By the act of participating, the contestant confers copyrights to the picture to More B.V. More B.V. has the right to take the picture into production free of legal obligations.
  1. By participating the contestant declares to agree to the contents of these sales promotion conditions, and also to comply with the user’s conditions of

II. Participation 

  1. Participating in this Promotion implies agreement with the sales promotion conditions.
  1. Participating in this Promotion is free of charge, and open to anyone, with the exception of collaborators of More, as well as of those who in any way, directly or indirectly, are involved in the organisation of this Promotion.
  1. Participation is also excluded for people over 16, and for those without a valid place of residency or stay in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, or Austria.
  1. It is forbidden to make use of computerised systems to obtain votes. Also the use of software that allows different IP-addresses to be attributed to the same computer is not permitted. This includes on-line VPN-services. In case abuse is noted, the participant will be disqualified.
  1. The buying of votes through on-line agencies is not permitted. This will also be cause of disqualification.
  1. We will publish a maximum of three pictures of each contestant on the website.
  1. The information that is required for participation will become the property of More and won’t be sold or transferred to third parties. The information will be stored in a file; to this file, Legislation on the Protection of Personal Data will apply. The information will be used exclusively for the purpose of this Promotion and the attribution of the prize and will be removed after the Promotion.
  1. By participating in the Promotion, contestants grant their permission to More to use their pictures for future models, or for optician-related items such as pouches or tissues. Participants also guarantee to be in possession of the right to provide the images of third parties present on the submitted pictures. Participants indemnify More from claims concerning that matter.
  1. Contestants to the Promotion are whoever submits a picture. The picture has to represent the contestant him/herself.
  1. Closing date for submitting the pictures is 31 December 2016.
  1. All entries will become the property of More.
  1. By submitting an entry, participants will waive all claims to intellectual property rights. Copyright and all other rights that might pertain to the entries are not, hereby, transferred to More. Participants declare their willingness to sign, if necessary, an act that further establishes this transfer.
  1. More has the right to use the pictures for future models, as well as for advertising and promotional purposes.
  1. By participating in the Promotion, participants declare to be the person entitled to the rights of publicity, copyrights, and the rights of author to the picture, or at least to have received prior permission from any other rights-holder. On request, participants will present a declaration (of consent) regarding the above-mentioned intellectual property rights.
  1. Participants indemnify More from any possible claims by third parties regarding all (intellectual property-) rights to the uploaded picture.
  1. More reserves itself the right to remove pictures from the website at all times without the obligation to specify cause.
  1. More also reserves itself the right – unless established otherwise with participant/author – to remove, shorten, or modify submitted material. This applies to text, music, video, and images.

III. Prizes 

  1. Around 31 December 20 pictures will be nominated by the jury, consisting of designers of fashion brand Vingino and collaborators of More. The final winners will be announced by vote on the website. On 11 January, 22 January, and 29 January at 8:00 PM, the 5 pictures with the least votes will be eliminated each time consecutively. On Sunday 5 February at 8:00 PM voting will close, after which the top 5 will be announced on the website on 6 February.
  1. The top-10 Vingino-wearers will be rewarded with a Vingino clothing package, depending on their final position.
  1. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the results.
  1. Winners will be announced on the website and otherwise.
  1. Winners must send their personal data to (e-mail address). Through these, More will contact winners for further processing of prizes. Prizes must be picked up within 30 days at an optician that sells Vingino glasses in the vicinity.
  1. No substitute value applies to prizes that are refused by winners. In case a prize is refused, it will revert to More.

IV. Liability 

  1. More is not responsible or liable for any additional expenses and/or traveling cost, winners possibly have to carry for the purpose of participating in the contest, or of accepting, using, or abusing the prize.
  1. Neither More, the assistants they hire, nor third parties are liable for any damages caused by the prizes they award, or for any damage or harm to property and/or people, resulting from use or application of the awarded prizes.
  1. More cannot be held responsible for network-, computer hardware-, or software-failures of whatever kind that cause limited, late, or the loss of, entries.
  1. More is neither responsible nor liable for imperfections in the prizes they are to supply. More does not grant warranty on the prizes it will supply.

V. Final provisions 

  1. For all questions, complaints, and/or remarks concerning this Promotion, you can send an e-mail to
  1. To this Win-sales promotion, Netherlands’ legislation is applicable. Drawn up in Amsterdam, on Saturday, 15 October 2016.